have a look at this old photo of Abercynon and see how it has changed since it was taken.

At the bottom of the photo you can see the many allotments behind the Navigation Hotel and the road in front isn’t next to the church. The trees in front of the church was the bed of the former Glamorgan Canal and you can make out the “feeder canal” in the bottom right corner. The land where the Fire Station is now was just waste land and it was on this ground that they used to keep the pit horses when they brought them up when they closed the pit for the Miners holidays. (Last week of July first week of August)

Middle right is the former Imperial bakery and Pop Factory and further up (other side of the railway) is the goods yard where the Health Centre is now. Also note there is no Cwrt Ynysmeurig sheltered housing. In the centre of the photo you can see the former Junction hotel, Empress Dance Hall and behind them the former Police Station (now flats)

Looking across you can see the long roof of the former Abercynon Railway Station.  Opposite (over the line) was a piece of waste ground that used to host the regular traveling circus and fairground. New houses were built on this site in the 90s and named David Dower Close after local boxer Dai Dower who once fought in a world championship boxing match. (see Dai Dower)

Also note the allotments between Gertrude Street and New Street. Most spare ground was used to grow vegetables.

Abercynon Clock School is now demolished and a new school soon to open. Next door is the former Congregational Chapel (destroyed by fire in the 80s) Across from that is the Workmen’s Hall built and run by miners weekly contributions out of their pay packets. It had a large cinema, library meeting rooms as well as a 5 table snooker hall.

Next to the Hall is the (now demolished) Ynysmeurig (Spy) Hotel.

Sadly when the pit closed the funds dried up and it was no longer viable and closed. It was later demolished as it was being vandalised.



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